Primary Purpose



Special Knowledge/Skills


Major Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Maintain appropriate discipline and student safety in the cafeteria according to district policies and procedures.
  2. Report all student injuries, accidents, illnesses, and discipline problems to the appropriate authority immediately, or as soon as reasonably possible.
  3. Supervise student behavior during the lunch period to include serving lines, while eating, and during cafeteria dismissal.
  4. Assist students with managing food items, e.g. opening milk cartons, packages, thermos and/or cans.
  5. Maintain a positive attitude when communicating with teachers, parents, students, and staff.
  6. Demonstrate integrity and ethics.
  7. Utilize time wisely for effective management of job responsibilities.
  8. Maintain punctuality in daily work times, appointments, and meetings.
  9. Maintain friendly customer-service-driven interactions with all stakeholders, students, teachers, administrators, and co-workers.
  10. Work cooperatively with co-workers and supervisors to ensure that the goals of the school/department are met.
  11. Maintain a positive and professional tone in all communication (i.e. email, written, and verbal).
  12. Perform other job duties and accept other responsibilities as assigned.

Working Conditions

Mental Demands

Physical Demands/Environmental Factors

Days in Contract:  170


Hours:  Varies


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