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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Teacher - ELL (2018-19)05/21/2018Elementary CertifiedParr ElementaryApply
Aide - Physical Education05/21/2018SupportHall ElementaryApply
Team Leader - Special Ed (2018-19)05/21/2018Special EducationClear Lake High SchoolApply
Lead Custodian - Elementary05/21/2018MaintenanceNorth Pointe ElementaryApply
Lead Custodian - High School (9th Grade Center)05/21/2018MaintenanceClear Lake High SchoolApply
Teacher- 2nd Grade (2018-19)05/21/2018Elementary CertifiedGoforth ElementaryApply
Teacher - Culinary Arts with Possible Coaching (2018-19)05/21/2018Secondary CertifiedSeabrook IntermediateApply
Aide – Alternative Academics - AA05/21/2018SupportGreene ElementaryApply
Teacher- Assistant Band Director- Percussion Specialist (2018-19)05/18/2018Secondary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Executive Director of Assessment and Evaluation05/18/2018District AdministrativeAssessment & EvaluationApply
Teacher- Social Studies with Football Coaching (2018-19)05/18/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Springs High SchoolApply
Teacher - 8th Grade Science with Possible Girls Coaching (2018-19)05/18/2018Secondary CertifiedCreekside IntermediateApply
Teacher - 6th Grade Social Studies with Possible Girls Coaching (2018-19)05/18/2018Secondary CertifiedCreekside IntermediateApply
Teacher- 1st/2nd Grade Dual Language (2018-19)05/17/2018Elementary CertifiedMcWhirter ElementaryApply
Aide - Title I (Bilingual)05/17/2018SupportStewart ElementaryApply
Computer Repair Technician05/17/2018Technology EducationTechnologyApply
Teacher - Alternative Academics (2018-19) Anticipated05/17/2018Elementary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Teacher- Theater Tech (2018-19)05/17/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Falls High SchoolApply
Teacher- 1st Grade (2018-19)05/16/2018Elementary CertifiedWedgewood ElementaryApply
Teacher- Music (2018-19)05/16/2018Elementary CertifiedWedgewood ElementaryApply
Teacher- 4th Grade (2018-19)05/16/2018Elementary CertifiedHall ElementaryApply
School Nurse (2018-19)05/16/2018District CertifiedBayside IntermediateApply
Teacher- 2nd Grade (2018-19)05/16/2018Elementary CertifiedBay ElementaryApply
Lead Speech-Language Pathologist05/16/2018District CertifiedGBCHI - Galveston-Brazoria Cooperative for the Hearing ImpairedApply
Learning Technology Lead05/15/2018Technology EducationTechnologyApply
Teacher - Math with Possible Girls Coaching (2018-19)05/15/2018Secondary CertifiedCreekside IntermediateApply
Teacher - ELA with Possible Girls Coaching (2018-19)05/15/2018Secondary CertifiedCreekside IntermediateApply
Intermediate Instructional Specialist- Alternative Academics05/15/2018District CertifiedSpecial EducationApply
Teacher - Science Composite (2018-19)05/15/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Creek High SchoolApply
Secretary - Assistant Principal (Intermediate)05/14/2018SupportCreekside IntermediateApply
Aide – Alternative Academics - AA05/14/2018SupportClear Creek High SchoolApply
Aide – Counselor - Secondary05/14/2018SupportClear Creek High SchoolApply
Lunch Room Monitor05/14/2018SupportGoforth ElementaryApply
Student Worker - (Summer Videography) (Labor)05/14/2018SupportEducation Support CenterApply
Teacher- 5th Grade (2018-19)05/14/2018Elementary CertifiedClear Lake City ElementaryApply
Teacher- 1st Grade (2018-19)05/14/2018Elementary CertifiedClear Lake City ElementaryApply
Teacher- Spanish (2018-19)05/14/2018Secondary CertifiedBayside IntermediateApply
Teacher- Assistant Orchestra Director (2018-19)05/14/2018Secondary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Teacher- 8th Grade Math with Boys Coaching (2018-19)05/11/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Lake IntermediateApply
Teacher- Theatre Arts Director (2018-19)05/11/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Falls High SchoolApply
Teacher - ESL (2018-19)05/11/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Creek High SchoolApply
Teacher- Special Ed Resource and Inclusion (2018-19)05/11/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Falls High SchoolApply
Teacher- Engineering (2018-19) Anticipated05/11/2018Secondary CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Teacher- 6th Grade Social Studies with Coaching (2018-19)05/11/2018Secondary CertifiedBayside IntermediateApply
Teacher- Assistant Tennis Coaching with Core and/or Special Ed Inclusion (2018-19)05/10/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Brook High SchoolApply
Teacher- Art (2018-19)05/10/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Brook High SchoolApply
Student Worker - (Textbooks) (Labor)05/10/2018SupportTeacher Support CenterApply
Teacher- 4th Grade (2018-19)05/10/2018Elementary CertifiedRoss ElementaryApply
Teacher- 8th Grade WAVE Humanities (ELA and SST) 2018-1905/10/2018Secondary CertifiedLeague City IntermediateApply
Teacher- ELA with Girls Coaching (2018-19)05/10/2018Secondary CertifiedClear Creek IntermediateApply